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Are you frustrated by rising insurance premiums and costs?

What if you had an insurance program that provided a financial return?

Yes, it’s possible!  At Cornerstone Insurance & Financial Group, we work with our clients to minimize risk which can lead to dividends at year’s end. 

How do we do this? 

We have walked – and worked – in your shoes. We understand your frustrations and concerns because we have been there. We bring more than 40 years’ experience in back of the house hospitality, including positions with Gramercy Tavern Culinary Group, Lodge at Vail, Arrabelle, and Beano’s Cabin. In turn you and your business receive an inside track and understanding about your insurance challenges, risks, and liabilities. We fill those gaps by conducting a thorough business health check – all on our time – and for businesses large and small.

Why do we do this? Because the health of your business begins with the health of your workplace. The healthier it is, the more opportunity you have to grow your business, your team, and your profits.

Let us help you find your path to a return on your insurance investments.

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